(Exhibition of the 1964 Holst Porzellan warehouse collection at Deimannhaus in Cologne)


Item status, availability guarantee and delivery promise

It is not easy to maintain an assortment of about 4,000 items and ideas as a manufacturer. Keeping an assortment of this size available for trade and commercial end users is an enormous challenge. Especially the high quantities which are required in the commercial sector make enormous logistical demands and cost a lot of money! An assortment with such a volume is subject to many mechanisms and also short-term influences that affect the article status or the ability to deliver an article. Also the expectations of our customers, which are decisive for the purchase, cannot always be reconciled. Especially when we have to compete with a "24/7-365 full service" with short-term special offers (promotions) of other kinds of trade.

But that is a different matter.

Article status repurchase

In order to cope with such a large assortment, we sort our collection in different article statuses, with which we control the post-production. The "article status" provides information about the planned availability of an article or a series from Holst Porzellan/Germany. The article status is indicated for each article in this shop in the category "Repurchase".

Repurchase all year round

This item is part of our current stock collection and should be available in commercial quantities at any time. We constantly strive to coordinate and adjust the sold quantities with our storage and stocking service. Ensuring the availability of our collection is an important part of our performance factors and one of many good reasons for a partnership with Holst Porzellan.

Repurchase seasonal

The marking of an item with a double asterisk (**) means that it is not intended for all-year-round stockpiling. This applies in particular to seasonal products such as Christmas porcelain, Easter articles or mulled wine and ice cream cups. As a rule, there is no demand for these products outside the respective sales season.

Repurchase lot goods (not possible anymore)

The name alone indicates that this article is only available while stocks last. As a rule, these are II. choice or articles from test collections. The Westphalian says: If I change then I change.

Makeup on order

Currently there are no productions and new editions of this article planned. As we are in possession of the moulds and, if applicable, the mould rights, this article can be produced subsequently at any time and is now waiting for customer orders, so that we can realize a subsequent production.


Holst Porzellan has a 10-year promise of subsequent purchase

The term "after-sale guarantee" comes from a long past epoch in which the valuable porcelain was usually more expensive than the cupboard in which it was stored. After a large number of insolvencies and bankruptcies, especially of large traditional German brands, the consumer has had to learn that the promise of a "guarantee" is ultimately not an insurance of the former promise to buy. Nevertheless, commercial end user in particular expect a promise of subsequent purchase, as their usage cycles are characterised by different requirements than those of privates. It has been shown that a post-purchase guarantee is ultimately unenforceable against bankruptcies and product range streamlining, and ultimately does not represent an enforceable legal object.

This is why Holst Porzellan refer its after-sales guarantee as a "10 years promise". This promise to buy later extends to all items from Holst Porzellan from the date of publication in the collection. If individual items have been removed from the stock collection, they can be produced as a special production at any time. All moulds are still in stock and we are always in a position to deliver all our articles with a corresponding production time and production quantity. The minimum quantity is 5.000 pieces. If the quantity of a repeat order from a single customer is not sufficient for the start of production, production is waiting for further repeat orders from other customers for this article. If a customer does not wish to wait with a repeat order, he can arrange for immediate repeat production at Holst Porzellan against payment of the batch costs.

Repurchase and delivery status visible on the article 



On each item page you will find a "traffic light" (red/green) visualizes whether this article is available for delivery at short notice. If, contrary to expectations, it is out of stock, the traffic light shows red, so that temporary delivery bottlenecks may occur. So if you see a red traffic light on a stock item, please ask us when we can deliver it again. The post-production is normally already running. Alternatively, you can use the button "notify when available" to be informed by e-mail as soon as the article is available for delivery again.

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