Body thickness


Porcelain, as we know it, is an end product that generally consists of at least two components

At this point, only the body is of interest to us. The body (not to be confused with the shard!) is the body of a porcelain item which is covered by the glaze. The body thickness is therefore the thickness of the body. In our industry, we differentiate between three types of body thicknesses


  • fine bodies/household bodies
  • Hotel quality/hotel bodies (semi-strong)


Fine bodies / household bodies

Household bodies, also known as fine bodies, are bodies with a lower body thickness. The advantages of fine bodies are their aesthetics and low weight compared to hotel bodies. From a bodies thickness of around 4 - 4.4 mm, it is referred to as a fine bodies.


Hotel quality / Hotel bodies

The semi-strong hotel bodies are especially designed for demanding, catering use and, in contrast to classic household bodies, are characterised by their particularly high resistance. This is where the name "hotel cullet" comes from, as porcelain is exposed to high loads in hotels in particular. We speak of hotel quality from a body thickness of more than 4.5 mm.