Forming in porcelain production






Before you can hold a porcelain item in your hand, 6 pre-moulds are required. To better understand the process graphically, please use the enlargement link above the illustration. The individual stages in the creation of porcelain and ceramic tableware are described in detail on the following pages of our product information.


For a better overview here is a short summary:

  • The product idea is presented in the form of a drawing, a counter sample or a verbal explanation
  • The modeller designs a model from this
  • From this, the modeller creates a preform by casting the model in plaster
  • From this preform, a plaster model is created, which is then reworked
  • The revised plaster model is then cast in the mother mould
  • The production moulds are then made from the master mould
  • Only in step 7 the actual porcelain can be shaped