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Our website has a protected re-seller area that can make the work for our partner in purchasing and sales considerably easier. The purchasing and the sales staff of many of our resellers in particular appreciate this dealer service, which provides 24/7 information on current purchase prices, offers and available quantities. We also offer confidential information about us, the market and occasionally also about our competitors - precisely the kind of information that we like to share with our partners. On this page, we explain the main contents of this site and how this service can even be used individually. To summarise, here are the advantages in keywords, which we explain in detail below.

We are looking for new partnerships we can trust and with whom we work together!


Function & Service for partner for dealer & reseller




This website is dedicated to end customers and dealers alike! Our trading partners and resellers have their own dealer access, which provides them with further information outside the public areas.

  • Stock information and delivery times
  • Internal newsletters by trading form
  • Net purchase prices of the articles
  • Own special & best prices
  • General sales actions & promotions
  • Brochures, flyers, advertisements
  • Image & text downloads
  • Product comparisons, test reports 
  • Laboratory test reports
  • Training material

We see it as our task to connect the interactive, digital shopping experience of the Internet with our stationary retail partners. Above all, this online shop should serve our retailers as a solid platform for their stationary expertise "all about porcelain". Holst Porzellan takes over the entire fulfilment within the framework of a firmly defined service agreement

  • Acquisition
  • Advice
  • Closing
  • Collection
  • Logistics

In a completely new interaction, the new main catalogue of Holst Porzellan - Edition HP11 - has been based on this product portal and is intended to consistently combine expertise and innovation with the needs of the end customer. Let us surprise you!

On the following pages we have compiled a range of important information for our trading partners, which is constantly expanding and adapting to the needs of changing requirements. We make every effort to keep these pages up-to-date at all times in order to provide you with what we really want: Partner of the trade!

If you have any questions or are interested in participating in this sales concept, please contact us by phone: +49 (0) 5201 849551.


Holst Porcelain Team