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Brief  introduction about Holst Porzellan/Germany


Holst Porzellan is a private company in the hand of Holst family. It was founded 1928 in Herrnburg and the actual headquarter is in Halle/Westphalia, between Hannover and Dortmund. From its reopening in 1955 until well into the 1970s, Holst sold most of the porcelain branded as "Bavaria/Germany". The change of values ​​and generational introduced Holst Porzellan in 1998 to grown up the collection "simply & strong" which is mostly made for professional and sophisticated hosts of the HoReCa industry and has been distributed since 2000 under its own brand of Holst Porzellan/Germany.


Porcelain is a feeling of way of life. It is subject to a taste assessment and occupies an important place in our perception on table, kitchen and decoration. Porcelain is the frame, the mirror and the sound of food. We know the requirements of professional user and implement them. We see ourselves as a partner and service provider for the HoReCa industry. We feel our goods as a passion! Our team does not only work in porcelain, we live and love this material. Holst Porcelain is a human team you can speak with. You can call us +49 (0) 5201 849551, send us emails (office@holst-porzellan.de), or send a fax +49 (0) 5201 849552 or use this internet shop presentation to see our collection of more than 4.000 items and ideas in porcelain and ceramics.


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What is Holst porcelain?

The collection of Holst porcelain consists mainly feldspar porcelain, which is the highest grade of hard porcelain. Finally fired at 1,350 ° C, Holst porcelain is harder than stainless steel, more corrosion resistant than glassware and more durable than ceramics. Function, design, shards, quality grades and the entire product presentation are dedicated to the cost-conscious consumer. Since 2015 we extend our quality collection with High Alumina Porcelain, which ist up to 4 times more strong than normal Feldspar Porcelain in a really beautiful finishing. 

Holst Porcelain combines a favorable price with a neat, target-group-oriented sorting and dispenses with anything that makes the porcelain unnecessarily expensive. In some assortment niches Holst Porzellan (aware) also leads other materials, such as: B. the Mediterranean red ceramics or black color cooker in High Stoneware. This product is described in detail on the product!

Good reasons for Holst porcelain! Since 1998, our assortment has been completely under a clear, central motto: Simply & Strong! Well designed, fashionable shapes and practical aspects of function, add with an unlimited usability with a real good price! Not cheap, but low. Not perfect but good. Not unique, but constant! Even simply and strong!


Is Holst Porzellan a manufacturor?

Yes - Holst Porzellan is manufacturor in the sense of the legal definition!


Is Holst Porcelain Made in Germany?

No! Holst porcelain is international! To maintain a low-priced and professional porcelain collection of more than 4,000 items & ideas requires much more than just one factory! Holst Porcelain uses its product expertise with international manufacturing facilities and partner factories around the world. Own design and our German quality management underline the market position and the quality of our porcelain - since 1928.

Holst Porcelain does not sell what it produces - it lets produce what it sells!


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Is the Holst porcelain equivalent to the expensive premium brands?

Yes! You might also ask "... is Rosenthal porcelain better than Villeroy & Boch ..." or "Meissen better than KPM"? Of course, the sales representatives of this big brands can show many distinguishing features... but the conclusion is: Quality of porcelain is a matter of material components, temperature, the kind of production and especially the selection and sorting! Everywhere where sorting is done, the good selection must co-finance the b-grade and c-grade! For all material components and production types there are DIN-Norm standards, regulations and laws; We respect these as well as all welknown German brands. In a two-year study, the European Commission determined in 2013 that "generic porcelain", like Holst Porzellan/Germany, differs only in price to the big premium brands.

Find out more about the quality of Holst Porzellan here.


Is there a long time purchase guarantee for Holst Porcelain?

The term "post-purchase guarantee" comes from a bygone era in which the valuable porcelain was usually much more expensive than the cupboard in which it was stored. After a large number of bankruptcies, especially of the major German traditional brands, like Hutschenreuther, Rosenthal, Winterling or Eschenbach, the consumer had to learn that the promise of a "guarantee" ultimately does not represent an insurance of the former promise to buy.

Nevertheless, the commercial end user in particular expects a follow-on commitment, since its use cycles are characterized by different requirements than those of the private end user. Holst Porcelain grants at least 10 years as a promise of repurchase. This after-sale guarantee extends to all series from Holst Porcelain from the appearance in the collection. If individual items have been removed from the regular stock-collection, they can be re-produced at any time as a special production. The minimum quantity is 5,000 pieces. If the quantity of a repeat order of a single customer for the start a production is not sufficient, the production waits for further repeat orders from other customers for this item. Insofar as a customer does not want to wait with a repeat order, the latter may arrange for an immediate post-production at Holst Porcelain in return for the acceptance of the batch costs. More detailed information on the additional purchase guarantee can be found here.

Read more about the structure of the Holst collection here.


Did Holst Porzellan has long delivery times?

Basically, we store in large quantities almost every item of our assortment! The three Holst warehouses in Ostwestphalia host more than 1.85 million items and ensure a fast delivery quota. From 2017 to 2019, our order realization was more than 96%. In a good cooperation with our reseller we also ensure a local, "just in time" availability in many regions. Each of our products in this wegshop provide the information on the regional availability of our products and the green traffic light at each item informs about the availability from our stock,


Is Holst Porcelain the "cheapest" tableware on the market?

No! Everything in the world can be offerend cheaper. And by the way Holst porcelain is not "cheap" - in quality! Holst porcelain is simply & strong which means "strong" in price and never "cheap" in quality. All items of our collection comes from the same raw materials, have the same color and appearance, a uniformly defined quality profile and are constantly monitored and laboratory checked. Our cups and mugs from the January production also fit in the stack of July production and looks really the same!

Comparing quality and price Holst porcelain is very far ahead!


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