The environment concerns us all! We take this very seriously!

Since the introduction of the German Packaging Ordinance, we do not use any kind of jewelry packaging in the interest of the environment and because of unnecessary additional costs. Porcelain from Holst is delivered exclusively in plain reusable or recyclable paper and cardboard packaging. This corresponds to our motto "Simple & Strong" and protects the environment and your wallet. 

In accordance with our majority sales orientation, we work mainly with the reselling trade. We need the bulk buyer as a declared sales partner and are specialized in the shipping of palletised goods in the focus of our warehouse organization.


Usually we deliver the following packaging units:

  • Wholesaler: Euro pallets (120 cm x 80 cm x Height 150 cm)
  • Retail: Masterboxes
  • Retail: Setboxes


Of course we also realize mixed pallets with several articles for the wholesale trade if required. However, as you can see on the pictures, small commissions cause a considerably higher personnel expenditure than the dispatch of pallets. We calculate about 2 minutes for the packing of a single-variety (wholesale) pallet, and about 40 minutes for a collective shipment (in specialized retail trade) with 10 loose items. This increased time expenditure is expensive and has a disadvantage of far more than 5 net percent compared to the pallet picking.

For this reason, we always charge the net retail price for deliveries of packaging units below a master box per article, even to wholesalers!